Friday, June 22, 2012

50+ DIY Mason Jar Decor Ideas

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I chose one of the simpler ideas because it's my favorite and will help me knock out another pin that I'd pinned separately.  It's the 'Vintage Picture' idea that I found here

You put a black and white picture along with a dried sprig of lavender (or some other scent-booster) into a mason jar and then fill it with vegetable oil. 

Ideally, this is what the jar should look like after it's completed:
 However, mine looked remarkably less cool... or vintage. Mine looked like pictures floating in a mason jar. I printed my pictures from Walgreens on normal photo paper. I decided to use canola oil rather than vegetable oil (because it was free--and looks just like vegetable oil). I also didn't have lavender,  so I just decided to use two pictures. The first picture was in black and white, and the second was in color. Here's what it looked like:
(Black and white^^)
Very normal. I even swirled the pictures around to get the oil between the photo and the glass. Maybe in time, it will start to look a little better? Or maybe I should've spent the five bucks for vegetable oil. Either way, this pin was a little disappointing. But no worries! There are at least 49 more mason jar ideas that I can try. I can mark this one off and put it in the 'not as cool as it looks' column.

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