Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Simple Vintage Wave

First up:

It's a 'Simple Vintage Wave' tutorial from The Beauty Department and it's found here. You just need hairspray, a curling iron, and some hair! ;)  

I was actually not looking forward to making myself actually do this pin, because I have a ton of hair. I mean... I have quite a bit of hair. Very long and thick, and it does not hold curl all over very well. But, I went into it with an open mind! Here's what I started with:

 (Sorry, slightly awkward photo)
and here is my result:
Before I began curling, I spritzed all around my hair with The Detangler's 'Tangle Out' spray and brushed through my bed-head with a large brush. I was using second-day hair as dirtier hair is said to hold curl better.  

Overall, I think the style is gorgeous. However, my rebel hair just didn't always cooperate.  The directions on the website were a mite confusing for me (You may be able to understand them. Sometimes I need to see what to do rather than read what to do). So, I don't think that I'll return to this complete hairstyle, though I do love the way it curled around my face. The back of my head? Not so much. I'll definitely start incorporating the technique into my styles, but I don't think I'll attempt this style again unless I can find better directions for myself. 

If you are attempting this curl, I would not recommend a heavy hairspray like I used. I used Herbal Essences 'Set Me Up' hairspray (level 3--max hold) and it really made my hair stiff and solidified my frizzy fly-aways. Not something that's going to make this style look good. 

Thanks so much for reading, and come back tomorrow when I tackle one of Pinterest's braid-wrapped ponytails. 

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