Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Lazy No-Fail Hairstyles (Part 1)

Today's pin is perfect for me today. I definitely don't feel like doing anything, let alone spending time on my hair. This 100 degree heat is really getting to me.  Here's the pin:

And it links to this website. 

Today I chose #4, the Quick Rainy Day Updo. Now, it's not raining today (far from it) but I do have to work tonight and it will be insanely hot, so having all the hair secured atop my head will be perfect. 

Before you judge my head... you should watch the video and compare the outcomes.

From above, it looks fine. From the front... not so much. I don't like having so much poof on my head. I did learn something remarkable from this tutorial though... bobby pins ALONE can hold up my bun. That's right. I am in shock right now. There's probably 10-15 of the big hair-pins in the bun... but there is NO hair-tie. I am amazed. My life has been forever changed.

Thanks for reading this week. Hopefully I'll succeed and be satisfied with something next week:)

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